• Аптека Краина Здоровья на Чавдар

    We are glad to inform you about opening a new pharmacy at  E. Chavdar, 18 street, Kiev

    All buyers  will get discounts and gifts!

    We are waiting for you!

  • Арида

    Wonderful winter - white snow mantles, sleds, skates, tangerines... And ubiquitous cough in child, cruelly taking away all attractions of winter season and holidays.

    Even light attack of illness will make one lose a taste for playing in the street, getting a dose of fresh air and sincere, childlike causeless, joy.

  • Пантенол, зимняя защита
    The known product «Panthenol aerosol» of «Micropharm» production - is a care about your skin during the cold season!
    Winter always comes unexpectedly, even if the mark on the calendar is already very close to December.
  • Новий Рік 2017

    Dear colleagues, partners, friends!

    Christmas and New Year is a season of great joy: a time for remembering the past and hoping for the future. May the glorious message of peace and love fill you with joy during this wonderful season.

  • Лорангин

    Lorangin - spray for throat.

    European quality at an affordable price.

  • 31.10.2016

    Care is the best medicine! It is this slogan helps us to grow and develop.

    So, we are pleased to announce the opening of the new 30th pharmacy of the chain in Kiev at Shevchenko Boulevard, 38.

    Our pharmacy offers a wide range of medical products and medical supplies.

  • Форум медицинский

    Dear visitors, we are pleased to share with you the wonderful news – starting from August on the Unipharm Holding

    website will be launched own Pharmaceutical Forum – medical forum with ONLINE response to your questions.


  • Замеры сахара в Краине Здоровья

    Unfortunately, today more and more often we face such a terrible notion, like diabetes, thus minimum of 25% of the people are unaware of their disease. Day by day they calmly go about their business, while the diabetes destroys their body. Certainly, diagnostics and treatment should be done by the doctor, but everybody should pay attention to the first symptoms of diabetes.

  • Открытие  аптеки сети аптек «Країна Здоров’я»

    We are pleased to invite you to the grand opening of our pharmacy at Sormovskaya Street, 15 («Darnitsa» market, meat pavilion), which will take place on on April 2 at 10:00!

  • Совместное сотрудничество компания Сени

    Unfortunately, quite often we face the problem of urinary incontinence in patients or the elderly. Such patients require special care, not only by changing the incontinence pad, but with additional hygiene procedures.