Novelty from Microfarm company!

Lorangin - spray for throat.

European quality at an affordable price.

Almost every one of us knows what a sore throat is. There are many causes of this unpleasant symptom - acute respiratory infections, adverse effects of external factors. The autumn-winter period is traditionally the peak of             catarrhal diseases. It's the very time to take care about your throat, and the medical product which will help with this is the new product from Ukrainian manufacturer - LORANGIN of «Micropharm» LLC, modern oral antiseptic, used in diseases of the throat, often accompanied by pain.

LORANGIN - European quality medical product, manufactured on the Italian line for production of medicines in the form of sprays.

Composition of the medical product LORANGIN includes the group of active ingredients:

HEXETIDINE - has antibacterial and antifungal activity.

CHOLINE SALICYLATE - has anti-inflammatory effect.


Thus, the drug is used at angina, pharyngitis, acute or chronic tonsillitis and other infectious and inflammatory diseases of the oral mucosa.

Pharmaceutical form of LORANGIN allows its quick and convenient use.

LORANGIN - is a medical product of domestic manufacturer in the pharmaceutical market of Ukraine at affordable price.

Angina pain occurs - LORANGIN helps you!