Medical Center "Krayna Zdorovya"

Medical Center "Krayna Zdorovya" is one of the leading private center of the City and Region with modern equipment, qualified specialists and a wide range of traditional, innovative and exclusive medical services.

Family doctors, therapists, paediatricians and doctors of particular specialities as well as leading specialists of the City and Region receive patients in the Outpatient Hospital.

Inner potential and opportunities of the Center are not limited, medical assistance is provided at a top professional level, starting from early disease detection up to the most advanced methods of pathology treatment on an outpatient basis, in the area of allergology, otolaryngology, urology, gynaecology, cardiology, surgery, neurology, paediatrics and therapy.

Wide coverage of various target groups of the City and Region, retention and support of the competitive position on the medical market for many years have become possible due to the closed cycle of medical treatment provided for private clients: for children - at birth till 18 years old, for adults – from 18 years old till 65 years old as well as for corporate clients – from medical examinations up to the provision of full range of medical services, including preventive medical examination and rehabilitation.

We provide wide range of services:

  • exclusive services: medicated interruption of pregnancy, examination of allergic diseases (allergic tests), medical dietology, colonic irrigation (purgation), ORT examinations (otoscopy, rhinoscopy, laryngoscopy), biopharmacupuncture
  • ultrasonography of internal organs, gastroscopy, functional diagnostics (electrocardiography, spirography, 24-hour monitoring of arterial pressure and electrocardiography), general clinical and biochemical analyses, including by means of near-patient testing
  • medical examinations of workers of various categories
  • medical examinations with issue of driving and weapons-bearing findings
  • maternity care
  • doctor home visits for any district of the City
  • physiotherapy, manual therapy, acupuncture
  • cosmetological services
  • individual medical service for children since birth till 18 years old
  • medical service of individual and corporate clients
  • pharmacy services

Individual approach, patient’s lifelong health monitoring, service for the whole family in one medical institution – that is the basis of our mission and the method unique character on the modern medical market! 


Family Medicine Outpatient Hospital LLC– 2

The Town of Kamenskoe, 29 Anoshkin avenue

Contact telephone numbers:

Web site:
Tel.: +38 (05692) 3-85-32, +38 (05692) 3-03-20
General Director: Mukha Marina Konsantinovna

Chief Doctor: Zhyhariova Olesia Dmytrivna
MoH Licence Series AG No. 570086 from 28.01.2011