Please welcome a Micropharm company recent development – Menovazin-solution with an automatic spray tube!

Novelty from Mikrofarm - Menovazin-solution with an automatic spray tube

Mikrofarm Company has expanded its range of products with Menovazin (40 ml dosage) fitted with an automatic spray tube in an individual packaging.
Now a well-known classic remedy for muscles and joints pain relieve is with an improved form of application. The medication is prescribed for patients with neuralgia, myalgia, and arthralgia.

The preparation formula includes active ingredients: 100 ml of solution contains 1g of benzocaine, 1 g of procain hydrochloride, 2.5 g of racemic menthol. Excipients: ethanol 70%.

The main advantages of the new form are::

  • convenient application, directly, to the inflammation site;  
  • highly economic use, the product does not flow when applied.

Individual packaging protects the product from external exposure to sunlight, contains information about the product shelf life, storage conditions, etc.