The Unipharma LLC was founded in 1992. Today it is a modern holding company, which works in different fields of pharmaceutical wholesale, retail and medical business. Having captured top positions in ratings of national pharmaceutical companies of Ukraine, the Unipharma Holding is one of the leading suppliers of pharmaceutical products both of own manufacture and products of other manufacturers of Ukraine as well as on the export markets.

Main scopes:

·         distribution of finished medicinal products;
·         manufacture of finished medicinal products;
·         export of medicinal products;
·         import of medicinal products and substances;
·         retail sale of medicinal products;
·         provision of medical services.

Our Team

All companies included in the Unipharma Holding are viewed as an integral part with working people, who creatively carry out their work within common values, corporate culture and business goals. Every employee is an important element in the chain: manufacture – distribution – export – retail sale – medical services.

Under the corporate flag of the Unipharma Holding Company and the motto “Labore et zelo” (“With work and diligence”, lat.) you can find a team of real professionals, a number of which makes up around 900 employees.

The Companies included in the Holding:

The Unipharma Company is a distributor of pharmaceutical products and general distributor of medicines of Ternopharm LLC and Micropharm LLC.

During its years of work the Unipharma Company has earned a consistent reputation of reliable and stable partner. Today Unipharma is a company, which:

-          provides with pharmaceutical products more than 3000 pharmacies over the whole territory of Ukraine;
-          carries out distribution of products both of own manufacture (more than 120 products) and partner companies manufacture (more than 2500 products);
-          conducts international economic activity within the territory of CIS countries.

Ternopil Pharmaceutical Factory (Ternopharm) is one of the well-known pharmaceutical enterprises of Ukraine included in the Unipharma Holding in 2000. Its new name – Ternopharm LLC – the Factory got directly from the date of entering the Holding. The Ternopharm LLC confidently takes rightful place among pharmaceutical enterprises of Ukraine. The range of manufactured products is significant: cough suppressants, antiseptics, agents used for treatment of cardiovascular diseases, anti-arthritic agents, adaptogens, immune stimulators, medicines of other pharmacological groups.

Micropharm LLC – the largest national manufacturer of pharmaceutical products in form of sprays and aerosols. The Company was founded in 1992, and since 2011 it has become a member of the Unipharma Holding. Currently the company’s portfolio includes medicinal products of various pharmacotherapeutic groups: preparations for disease treatment of upper respiratory tracts, antiasthma agents, local antiseptics, wound healing and anti-inflammatory agents manufactured via high-tech advanced equipment with the use of only top-quality raw materials and accessory equipment of the leading global manufacturers.

Metropolitan Medical Alliance LLC - retail pharmacy chain “KRAINA ZDOROVIA” started its activities in 2005. At that time retail distribution services regarding sale of medicinal products for people were provided by 5 pharmacies. Today it is a dynamic-growing chain, which consists of 30 pharmacies in the City of Kyiv, the Region of Kyiv and the Town of Dniprodzerzhynsk. The retail pharmacy chain can offer more than 5000 product names: a wide range of medicines, medicinal products, medical devices, skin care products, hygiene products, homeopathic medicines, food supplements, modern agents for treatment and prevention of different diseases, different kinds of preventive plant and herbal tea. Professional competence of the team, qualitative products, available prices, high service level have earned confidence and respect of the clients. This contributes to the successful development of our Company and further increase of service quality standards.

In 1999 a medical institution, Family Medicine Outpatient Hospital LLC, the Town of Dniprodzerzhynsk, the Region of Dnipropetrovsk, joined the Holding and was reorganized. The Outpatient Hospital provides a wide range of medical services (more than 400 kinds), its personnel consists of more than 50 skilled professionals.

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