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Sucralose food additive (E955) is manufactured in the form of tablets (200 pieces per package) based on the active ingredient sucralose with the addition of excipients.

The additive is intended to be used as a sugar substitute for sweetening of food.

Currently Sucralose is one of the safest sweeteners.


It is produced from an ordinary sugar, which passes special treatment. The calorific value and the ability to influence the blood glucose level are reduced due to this and the usual taste of sugar remains unchanged.

It is about 600 times sweeter than sugar.

The human body removes about 85% of consumed sucralose, absorbing only 15%. What is absorbed is excreted from the body within 24 hours.

Sweeteners based on sucralose have a pleasant sweetness, their taste is indistinguishable from the taste of sugar, they are dissolved well in water (unlike aspartame and cyclamate, they do not have bitterness and "flat" taste)

Stability in heat treatment (pasteurization and sterilization used in the manufacture of preserved food)

Small amount is needed for use

Convenient form of tablet allows you to choose the right dose, it is easy to use and economical.

Sugar substitutes based on sucralose are most commonly used:

With diabetes: the substance is free from carbohydrates and does not increase blood glucose level.

In diets, when fighting excess weight (with the correct dosage: the daily dose is 5 mg per kilogram of body weight).

In the diet of people who care about the condition of their teeth, its use serves as a way to prevent caries and other teeth damage.

Sucralose is a natural preservative, it helps to slow down the processes of fermentation and can be used as a preservative in cooking: baking, preserving food, etc.