Came cold? No big deal!

The known product «Panthenol aerosol» of «Micropharm» production - is a care about your skin during the cold season!

Winter always comes unexpectedly, even if the mark on the calendar is already very close to December.

We start dealing with the most common problems of the cold season: dry skin of hands, because not yet had time to readjust ourselves to wear gloves,

face chapping, and then mild frostbites of unprotected skin areas, microcracks and irritation as a result of exposure to low temperatures.

This leads not only to the tactile sensations of discomfort such as burning, itching, tightness, but also to the visual manifestations: redness and peeling of the skin.

In these cases, a drug for topical application, aiding rapid healing of damaged skin and eliminate discomfort is required.

It is the right time to remember that from the summer time in the medikit was to remain "Panthenol aerosol".

«Panthenol» – is a known to many people drug often used for healing wounds, treatment of burns and various skin diseases, but it worth to remember that his drug is also not less effectively helps in skin lesions as a consequence of exposure to cold temperatures.

The active ingredient in the formulation is dexpanthenol, which transforms in the body into pantothenic acid, and thus provides a skin regeneration and recovery.

In case of skin damage of different origin, biochemical processes break and the quantity of pantothenic acid in the skin decreases.

Dexpanthenol fills this shortage which results in quick angenesis.

The use of Dexpanthenol eliminates the symptoms of inflammation and, consequently, promotes rapid healing of damaged skin.

At skin chapping and mild frostbite dexpanthenol eliminates irritation and burning sensation, removes oedema and redness.

Dexpanthenol value consists in the fact that it has virtually no contraindications.

Medical product «Panthenol aerosol» is epicutaneous foam, manufactured by "Micropharm" Company, in addition to the basic function of healing and restoration of skin, has a number of other positive characteristics:

- does not include in its composition flavoring agents and aroma compounds;

- foam, smooth, does not cause pain when applied to and contact with damaged skin;

- light foam consistency does not cause clogging of pores in the skin, which is important in case of use of the drug on the face, and as a result, does not violate the "breathing" of the skin;

- quickly absorbed by the skin and leaves no traces;

- possibility to use one medical product on all skin areas, including the most delicate and sensitive;

- economical in use.

«Panthenol aerosol» Micropharm – takes care of your skin at any season!