UNIPHARMA Company is a successfully developing company having risen through the ranks from the small enterprise to the large holding, which is rightly seen as authority and reputation among partners and clients.

The UNIPHARMA Company was founded in 1992.

Today UNIPHARMA is a modern holding company, which works in different fields of medical and pharmaceutical business. We capture top positions in ratings of national pharmaceutical companies of Ukraine, as well as our Company is traditionally one of the leading suppliers of pharmaceutical products both of own manufacture and products of other Ukrainian manufacturers in the CIS countries.

The Holding includes two effectively working enterprises:

Ternopharm LLC – manufacturing factory on galenic products and medicines from natural and plant raw materials in the City of Ternopil.

Ternopil Pharmaceutical Factory is one of the well-known pharmaceutical enterprises of Ukraine included in the Unipharma Holding in 2000. Its new name – Ternopharm LLC – the Factory got directly from the date of entering the Holding. The Ternopharm LLC confidently takes rightful place among pharmaceutical enterprises of Ukraine. The range of manufactured products is significant: cough suppressants, antiseptics, agents used for treatment of cardiovascular diseases, anti-arthritic agents, adaptogens, immune stimulators, medicines of other pharmacological groups.

Micropharm LLC - the largest national manufacturer of pharmaceutical products in form of sprays and aerosols in the City of Kharkiv.

Micropharm LLC is the largest manufacturer of pharmaceutical products in form of sprays and aerosols in Ukraine. The Company was founded in 1992. Since 2011 it has become a member of the UNIPHARMA Holding. Currently the company’s portfolio includes medicinal products of various pharmacotherapeutic groups: preparations for disease treatment of upper respiratory tracts, antiasthma agents, local antiseptics, wound healing and anti-inflammatory agents.